About The Game

The Chaos Clash Trading Card Game will test your skills unlike any other. With the right cards, preparation, tactics and a little bit of luck, you may have what it takes to crush your opponent.

In the Chaos Clash world, balance of card types, field tactics and the use of card skills are dominating factors to winning the game. Only you can test your skills and prove to be a true Chaos Clash Master!

The Back Story

Some fight for pride, some fight for the thrill and others fight just to survive. In the Chaos Clash world there is only one truth. Everyone fights. The history of this world's leaders and factions is masked in shadows. Each leader now fights for his or her own ideals and the one who overcomes all adversaries will control the fate of the world.

The tides of the Chaos Clash world have changed. It is time for you to take your role as a faction leader. The people of your clan need you. Only you can help them survive the chaos. What will you fight for? What world will you create?

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