The Underdogs
...a band of misfits bound together by an iron will to survive. Not all were born to fight, and among this group that truth is clear. However, there are few clans who will stand against this oddly strong and uniquely powered force. In numbers they can accomplish anything. Their strange talents lend themselves to confusing their opponents in battle. No one is considered an outsider to the Underdogs. The clan wanders the lands recruiting the weak and hopeless, melding their new members into fighters that rely on inner strength. Family is a bond, bonds make us stronger, together we survive.

The Sakai
... a brutal and feared force. They are the oldest known clan of the Chaos Clash world. Their skills in ancient combat techniques were originally passed down for protection. Today they have become a deadly legion with little mercy for their enemies. While they are secretive in their ways, they accept outsiders with potential, many warriors have joined their ranks in the hopes of becoming true Sakai. The creed of the Sakai speaks to the values of skill and sacrifice. In life our blades sing for the clan, in death our blood flows for it.

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